The Most Youthful City in the World

Toronto narrowly defeated Berlin and New York for the top honours. (Peter Power/The Globe and Mail)

From the Globe and Mail article “Toronto Names ‘Most Youthful’ City in the World”

I recently stumbled across an article in The Globe and Mail that considers Toronto to be the “most youthful city” on the planet. The study looked at things such as economic status, music and film, food and nightlife, public space, and crime rates, in order to grant each city a score. This was the first year the study was conducted, surveying 1,600 respondents aged between 15 to 29 years old, and Toronto topped the list over New York and Berlin.

Having been a university student in the greater Toronto area for the last five years, it brings me a sense of pride and excitement that Toronto tops this list. I have personally witnessed the vibrant growth of youth culture in Toronto over the last two years. The quality and attendance of music festivals such as Drake’s OVO Fest, VELD and Digital Dreams, have grown over the past two or three years. There is also a hope and buzz around Toronto sports teams that I have never experienced before. The Toronto Maple Leafs first play-off run last year threw the city into frenzy, despite losing in the first round. Although, ultimately not meeting the expectations of the organization and its fans, the Blue Jays made a splash last year by acquiring a number of all-star players.

All of these developments give me hope. Living in a vibrant city helps to relieve the stress and fears of finding a job after graduation. The “most youthful city” gives me strength and energy as I move forward into my future. I hope this city inspires people to look at Toronto the way I do: a city that embraces youth who want to have fun and a future full of excitement.

Kevin Lopes, Contributor

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