How to Share Your Voice and Make Magical Connections

Sharing your voice can be magical. Like storytelling, it is an art form that has the power to completely immerse people in a special moment. When a public speaker shares their voice, they engage their audience by creating a magical connection.

Sharing Your Voice:

Sharing your voice can connect ideas, people and communities. When a speaker connects with their audience, the connection is more than just words. A magical connection occurs when a speaker shares their voice. A speaker truly shares their voice when they share their:

  • passion,
  • vulnerability,
  • authenticity, or
  • emotion.

When a speaker shares their voice, they seize the senses of the audience. They immerse the audience in a collective conversation and sentimental experience, which creates a deeper, magical connection between the speaker and participants. Sharing your voice will help make meaningful connections with your audience.

Three Ways to Share Your Voice:

1)    Be authentic: If you are excited, say you are excited. If you are nervous, say you are nervous. Being open and honest will allow you to create a genuine, deeper connection with your audience.

2)    Show emotion: Let your audience feel your excitement or your concern. Audiences are receptive to emotion and appreciate honesty. Remember, humans are emotionally driven.

3)    Create a community: Think about how you are choosing to communicate with your audience. Communicate with your audience, not at them. You want your audience to share in your experience, so take them on a journey with you.

Alexandria Anderson, Contributor

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