Here’s Looking At You Toronto: Hollywood North

King and Bay St. Photographer: Justine Yim

King and Bay St. Photographer: Justine Yim

Call me biased, but Hollywood North is a great city in which to live. The high level of diversity ensures that no matter what your physical appearance may be, you are likely to blend in with the locals. The amount of diversity that Torontonians are exposed to makes them open and receptive to other cultures. If there is a certain type of ethnic cuisine that you are especially keen on, there is little doubt that you will be able to find a restaurant in the city that has garnered a stellar reputation for preparing the kinds of foreign meals that you enjoy.

Summertime in the city is especially wonderful downtown. The Toronto Harbourfront boasts gorgeous views and multiple events are held there every season. During Caribana, North America’s largest cultural festival, the Caribbean carnival parade makes its way down Lakeshore Boulevard. The cleanliness of Toronto is something to be appreciated all year round, but particularly during the warmer months when urbanites often choose to spend more time outdoors.

The Toronto Transit Commission’s bright new subway cars are conveniently interconnected, making it easy to travel from one end of the train to the other. If taking the subway does not appeal to you, you can opt to take streetcars instead. For those who would rather skip public transportation altogether, Toronto streets are often bike friendly. If you choose to visit the city, it is sure not to disappoint. If you aren’t already, you might become a resident of Hollywood North.

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