Toronto: Home at Last

Simply put, I love Toronto. As someone who moved around quite often growing up, it is the one the place where I truly feel at home. The beautiful thing about Toronto is that there’s always something new to discover about the city. It could be a new restaurant or a café, a street you’ve never walked down before, or even a small park tucked between buildings, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I have lived in Toronto for almost seven years now. In some ways I’m still surprised I’ve been here for that long. Seven years ago I came to Toronto with the goal to complete my undergraduate degree without any consideration of settling down. Like many other international students, I assumed I would return home after completing my degree. However, now that I look back on it, the idea of settling anywhere else other than Toronto seems very strange to me.

My favourite place in Toronto is the harbourfront. During the summer I would take long morning walks on the harbourfront. I could easily spend an hour or two walking around, taking in the sights and breathing in the morning air.  The weather was usually pleasant, the crowd was minimal and the sight of the water never got old. It is the one place I can escape to whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. It is the once place I can go to have peace of mind.

Fawaz Azim, Contributor

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