Autumn in Toronto may just be one of the greatest seasons in the city. Whether it’s because of the changing colours of the leaves, the fresh chill in the air that’s slowly rolling in or the various events that are held during those months that make the fall season so memorable. If we’re lucky enough to get an Indian summer, that makes the autumn that much more fruitful (who doesn’t love a longer patio season?).

The two occasions that top my list of things to look forward to in Toronto during autumn are Thanksgiving and Nuit Blanche. Thanksgiving is a given – it’s a long weekend where you get to stuff your face full of succulent, golden turkey, mashed potatoes with warm gravy on top and everything else that you crave the rest of the year. But it’s Nuit Blanche that sees the city come together and transform into one glorious, jam-packed art exhibit. I usually can’t stand crowds, but I embrace it wholeheartedly during Nuit Blanche. The night is too exciting and lively to be cursing at the masses shuffling toward the next exhibit.

Nuit Blanche is the one night where Torontonians are no longer limited to using only the sidewalks and when we get to indulge in 4 a.m. nightlife – all while being exposed to unique pieces of art that define our increasing presence in the world as an artistic and urban city. Our city is expanding from every angle we look at it, and Nuit Blanche is just one of the ways that we’re marking our territory in the world of urban, cultural hubs.

Natasha Radlovic, Contributor

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