Public speaking has never been my thing. That goes through my mind every time I am about to do anything that has to do with public speaking. This issue of nerve, however, is very peculiar as it only affects me during speeches or public speaking.

My high school years were full of drama presentations in front of large audiences and I was rarely nervous for those. I was really only worried about other things, that were out of my control, failing to happen. Saying my lines in front of people was not an issue.

I thought if I was able to “act” in front of an audience, doing a presentation in front of my classmates, or people I know, shouldn’t be a problem. I really thought that I had helped myself overcome the fear of public speaking with drama classes, but I guess I was wrong.

I have now realized that everyone has fears when they do public speaking; there is not one person who is immune to it. There are certainly people who are better at it, but I believe there are no natural born speakers. After four years of university presentation, I can now say that it comes down to practice. When you are sure of what you are talking about the fears go away faster.

Gustav Lau, Contributor

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