I love food, which is why I love Toronto.

From hole-in-the-wall shawarma joints to upscale supper clubs, Toronto has no shortage of restaurants to delight your senses. It’s not just about taste though; it’s also about variety. Toronto represents flavours from all over the world – Indian, Korean, Persian, French, Italian and the list goes on.

Although Toronto might not have Michelin star restaurants, in my mind (and in my belly) there is truly no place like my home, Toronto. The variety of our cuisine defines more than just a foodie’s heaven – it represents the diversity of our unique city. Tourists will find themselves taking in a rare cultural experience in the streets of Toronto. If they close their eyes they might hear the nuances of a conversation in a foreign tongue, if they open their eyes they might see the multicultural individuals that make up our city and, if they take in a huge breath, they might smell the food.

Food in Toronto is more than just a means to satiate your appetite. It is a channel in which to discover the dynamics of this great city. The ingredients used in the recipes might have changed on its route overseas and across borders, but the hands that make it most certainly have not. You cannot fake “genuine” or “authentic” in Toronto because there will always be a palate to spot the replicas. Being born and raised in Toronto, I don’t know if I could ever be content eating one type of food for the rest of my life. This city never ceases to satiate my appetite both culturally and physically.

Toronto will always have my heart, because it has found its way there through my stomach.

Justine Yim, Contributor

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